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Gary Gripes is not for whiners or complainers. Actually, whining and complaining are among my most annoying gripes. If you have a gripe, please just Stand Up, Speak Up, Shut Up and Sit Down.

Don’t whine and dilly dally. Just say what’s got your shorts in a twist and stop. Even better, say what you have to say and then be brief and clear about what you think should change and how. Whether I agree or not, I will get it, I understand your gripe.

Gary Gripes is my place to gripe and yours too, if you want to Stand Up, Speak Up, Shut Up and Sit down. Just send your gripe to If I don’t think it is way too outrageous, I will copy and paste it into a post on

Thanks for scanning the pitch. I hope you stick around for my version of the gripe game.

Reasons Are Not Excuses

A little complaining and a small dose of whining is fine now and then, but both whining and complaining can quickly turn into excuses for not sucking it up and taking care of business. Probably because I can’t see, one example of whining and complaining that truly annoys me is “I’m blind so I can’t and no one should expect me to.” I suspect the root of this for me is not having much patience for anyone who keeps finding excuses for not taking care of business. (Feel free to substitute any condition or issue that someone uses as an excuse for not digging in and doing whatever he or she needs to do to succeed.)

This blind thing is a lot of things but not all that complicated. First, it’s a condition that ranges from mild to severe, just like most conditions. Wherever we are on that continuum, it’s likely to get worse, at least until our condition is severe. That be as it may, there is not much we can do about it other than to whine. – Never under estimate the real value in whining. Our condition won’t change but whining can help us cope.

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Podcasting Rabbit Holes

I find it pretty annoying when I see what someone has done but have no idea why they did it. Case in point: why is my podcast and blog now Gary Gripes and not Audio Tidbits? Probably you don’t care but someone somewhere might. For that one curious listener, I am repeating this post/episode. That’s pretty thoughtful even if I say so myself which of course I just did.

I don’t recall just how many years my podcast has been called Audio Tidbits. As a title, that is rather clever but means nearly nothing. What does “Audio Tidbits” bring to mind? Probably a few things in general but mostly nothing in particular.

It’s sort of like a podcasting junk drawer. I can just toss most anything in there and it stays just like it belongs. Some of the episodes tossed in are quite good and another few are amazing; but for the most part, the majority are mediocre at best.

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Changing Horses Should Not Be So Tedious

I suppose you’ve heard that old advice about not changing horses in the middle of the stream. I guess it’s probably true that changing horses or jumping ship or cutting and running or however else I describe packing up and leaving town, change is never simple.

I have had a website called for quite a few years and use it for a blog and podcast. The website, blog and podcast were called Audio Tidbits for several years. The whole thing gradually turned into a rather uninteresting junk drawer over time. The other day, I removed all of the content and am committed to starting over better or not at all.

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