I suppose you’ve heard that old advice about not changing horses in the middle of the stream. I guess it’s probably true that changing horses or jumping ship or cutting and running or however else I describe packing up and leaving town, change is never simple.

I have had a website called for quite a few years and use it for a blog and podcast. The website, blog and podcast were called Audio Tidbits for several years. The whole thing gradually turned into a rather uninteresting junk drawer over time. The other day, I removed all of the content and am committed to starting over better or not at all.

My plan, if it qualifies as a plan, is to start over with a new domain and a new website and focus. I’m thinking I will call it Gary Gripes and post once or twice a week. My idea is to pick one or two things each episode that I want to gripe about with no particular limitations other than keeping it fairly clean.

It’s not as annoying as When I quit one job in Ohio and took another one in North Carolina but I’m reminded that change is generally a big pain. Just like the new job was not the problem, a new website on a new domain and a revised podcast with a new title and focus are not the problem either.

With the job, it was the getting to North Carolina and settling in there that was way more tedious than it seemed like it should have been.

With the blog and podcast and not to even mention the new website, tedious hardly covers it. I’m not going to go down the list of steps that should be easy but aren’t since that would be little more than whining. Someone probably wrote a book about how to do this, but did I read it? Of course not. I just jumped off that old horse and assumed that I could swim. It wasn’t my best option, but old habits are hard to break and all that.

You may be expecting some clever conclusion to this little rant but don’t expect it from me unless you are ready to be disappointed. I am just muddling along, hoping that everything will turn out just fine. When it’s all done and polished, everyone will think it was easy. They will figure, if they figure at all, that I just smoothly jumped from the old horse to the new one without getting wet. I won’t tell if you’ll keep my secret. – That’s not you I hear laughing at me is it?

OK, I need to post this so…. I’m not sure I know why I need to post it but apparently website design can not proceed until there is at least one post on the site. – Go figure.