I heard that inflation comes in two flavors: Pull and Push. I may have them reversed but Pull is when there are supply shortages and push is when we buy more than supply can handle. Either way, inflation is when things that cost too much cost even more.

So, what to do? Since I can’t do anything about the supply side, I’m thinking that we should all agree to just not buy anything on Tuesday unless we really can’t avoid it. I figure that Tuesday would be the easiest day to stop buying, but if you think another day would work better, toss in your suggestion. I suppose we could each pick our day, but I think it will work better if we all agree on the same day. Let’s give Tuesday a try.

We’ve all been told that a little sacrifice is a good thing and No Buying on Tuesday qualifies as a little sacrifice. What do you think? Are you ready to give No Buying on Tuesday a try?

I know it will be pretty easy to fall off the wagon but hang on, together we can do it. Thanks for being a No Buying on Tuesday team member.