I make what seems to me to be a rather simple request. Try this and see what you think.

I am blind and will appreciate it if you will put my packages and such to the right of the door as you step onto the porch, under the window. Thanks.

What do you think? Is that clear enough?

95% of delivery people seem to have no issues with this request. I open the door and step to my left and find my packages with my foot. Easy Peasy.

For food delivery, the note adds “Please ring the door bell and hand the food to me so I don’t accidentally step on it or drop it.”

Easy enough you might think. Me too. And most delivery people are fine with this little accommodation. So why does one now and then just set my food directly in front of the door and leave? I’ll let you judge about just how annoying it is to step on my bag of food that I have paid $20 for, plus a 25% tip — and usually more.

Yes, the note is always there for them, right in their delivery app. Yes, at least 95% of the drivers take care to handle my stuff as requested. It’s the occasional driver that just puts my delivery wherever he or she feels like putting it that leaves me frustrated and feeling around to find my stuff. Most grocery delivery people will even offer to set my groceries inside but there is that occasional jerk who just dumps my stuff somewhere and runs. I then have to play hide and seek with my package or whatever else I have ordered.

It would be bad enough if I could see. I might not like looking around to see where my stuff was dumped this time but at least I could look around and probably spot it. Since I can’t see, it is occasionally the next step up on the exasperation scale. I think it’s a gripe well worth griping about.

There isn’t much else I can say, but it feels like I would like to keep griping. Maybe if I gripe long enough and loud enough, the delivery gods will intervene on my behalf. Sure, the right left challenged sometimes put my stuff on the wrong side of the door but that’s definitely not gripe worthy. At lease they tried. I’m just ticked off with the few who obviously don’t give a damn whether I find my stuff or not. For them, I have no kind words. I know that if I don’t have something nice to say, I should say nothing at all. My mother told me all about good manners and being polite. Heck with that! It’s my stuff and I’ll gripe if I want to; and I most definitely am griping about this unacceptable example of just plain laziness.

OK, I’ll settle down. I have it out of my system for now, at least until the next time I eventually find my stuff on the sidewalk and not even on the porch. For now, let’s wrap this up with one of Kevin’s cool toons.