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Now that you have evaluated your marriage and family relationships, it may be useful for you to now look at other relationships in which you are involved.  Again, this is not a test.  It is, rather, a way of focusing on your interpersonal strengths and on those positive interpersonal elements to which you may want to give a little more time and attention.

There are twenty-two PIP elements.  Together they represent those qualities and traits that are seen in people who are both positive and effective interpersonally.  Again, the key is to spend most of your time doing what you do well, while spending some time and effort increasing those things that you do less well or less often.

One at a time, add each of the twenty-two elements to this statement: “I am __________ in my relationships with other people.”  For example, “I am accepting in my relationships with other people.”

Using the same rating system used for your marriage and family relationships, decide if the statement is almost always true (5), usually true (4), sometimes true (3), seldom true (2), or almost never true (1) for you.  Enter the number you have given yourself on the blank to the left of the element.

Once you have completed the process for all twenty-two elements, add together the ratings for all elements and divide the total by twenty-two.  The results will be a number from “1” to “5”.  The goal is to achieve a score of “4” or above within all of your relationships.  This overall score may be referred to as your interpersonal Positive Interpersonal Programming.

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